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Check Movers License


The most vital part of the moving procedure is ensuring that you procure a respectable moving company. The main way that you can ensure that you employ a legitimate mover is to check their license information on U.S. Department of Transportation (FMCSA) website.

As professionals in the industry, that is the reason why we want home and business owners to know about the best possible systems to finding a trustworthy mover and how to check a moving company license.


What is a mover's license number?


All movers that work in the United States ought to be authorized by the United States Department of Transportation and have a US DOT number, which ought to be displayed in clear view on FMCSA site.


How to Verify Movers License DOT Number


Anybody can enquire from the US Department of Transportation database concerning moving companies licensed DOT number very easy. Checking the moving company license data will likewise haul out some information about the organization. US Inspection results throughout the past 24 months, reported accidents based on safety ratings and so on. Since the greater part of the US DOT license numbers must be renewed yearly, it is critical to always check. Regardless of the fact that you have utilized the same moving company in the past and had an incredible business relationship, they may have experienced some management changes or have new staff that has made them encounter more mishaps or failures. Since this could end in revocation, verifying their license each time is important.


Check Movers License and Complaint History


Why is it important to check a moving company license?


To see a moving companies DOT record based on size plus other necessity before reaching an agreement with them, there is somewhere you can check to verify their authenticity. There, you can find your favorite moving company by DOT number, name and by MC number. There, you can pull up information based on fleet size, company type, trailers and number of trucks. You can also obtain the moving company insurance information in the event that you need to contact their insurance company. You can verify a moving company license online through the DOT website by clicking here –